Jim Fletcher is Vice President of Acquisitions for AsGold Media.

Mr. Fletcher has almost two decades of experience in the book publishing industry, as an editor and consultant. He is the author of several books, and writes from his home in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. His speciality and area of interest is conservative Christian books.

Here are the rules for submitting proposals to AsGold Media:

  1. Please do not call us by telephone if you wish to be published -- it will disqualify you. You may contact us by email or by postal mail, only. Go to Contact Information to get the email and address.

  2. Do not send a proposal unless the book has been completed. We do not consider works in progress or book ideas.

  3. We are not a subsidy publisher. But we do require new authors to pay for copyediting, proofing, ISBN and copyrights, cover design, preparing the book for printing, and the printing of books if they wish to market their books as softcover paperbacks. We do not make any profit from these expenses; we charge the author what we pay for these services, but it allows us to publish more new authors with less risk. An estimate for these costs is $3000 to $7000 depending on the length of the book, if there is cover art involved, and whether it is only an e-book or paper books are printed. There may also be some cooperative advertising fees if the author wants to participate. We will not discuss these fees with you unless we want to publish your book.

We accept submissions but they must include the following information:

  1. Are you a published author? If not, what writing experience do you have? Please answer this question separately from the biography that you send to us.

  2. A one page synopsis of the story. Be succinct and include the whole plot, including the ending.

  3. The first ten pages of the novel.

  4. The length of the novel in total words, the genre, the audience you hope to reach, and where one might advertise to reach an audience for your book.

  5. The marketing you are willing to do for the book. For instance, are you a public speaker or a pastor?

  6. A comprehensive biography from the author which has contact information, education, employment experience, writing experience, and spiritual disposition. Please let us know if you are a born-again Christian, and if so, how long you have been one.

  7. Please tell us your reason for writing the book and how it will benefit your readers.